Customer Provided Art

Windows / PC Format


    •    Adobe Illustrator

          Save as Adobe Illustrator CS, convert text to outlines
    •    CorelDraw

          Export file as AI, keep colors as spot, send all support files, export text as curves


    •    EPS

          Save as Illustrator EPS, convert text to paths / curves / or outlines (if not possible, send fonts*)
    •    PDF

          Convert text to paths / curves / or outlines (if not possible send fonts*)
          Disk files must contain vector art, high resolution (300 dpi) images at finished imprint size
          If file is too large to email, finish at 300 dpi then reduce to half size before emailing
    •    JPEG or TIFF

          Save as 300 dpi at actual size


If not able to convert text to paths, curves, or outlines, send all True Type or printer Type 1 fonts and list all font names


    1.    Include a JPEG for reference
    2.    Convert all fonts to paths / outlines
    3.    Include or embed all placed images
    4.    Submit artwork at actual size
    5.    Identify all spot colors
    6.    Allow for bleed if necessary
    7.    Submit the original file if possible
    8.    Indicate the cut / die line clearly
    9.    Allow for trapping colors for screen printing
    10.  Show size in inches